Nokia C7 Functional Keys

If you are looking for how the Nokia C7 functional key may look like. This shows all the corresponding Nokia C7 keypad keys and button keys functions like the following:
Left mouse button, Right mouse button, Direction key, Volume Control buttons, Touch pad, the Numeric and QWERTY keyboard keys.

This also includes, the location of other main functions of  Nokia C7 like, earphone jack, mic, camera, simcard and the receiver speaker, there yo have it, the Nokia C7 functional key .

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 Hardware Repair Solution

Here’s some repair solution for Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 dealing with hardware problem when occurred. This solution covers on basic troubleshooting on some certain problem such as follows:

SE X1 insert sim card problem solution

SE X1 display problem solution

SE X1 keypad problem solution

SE X1 display  light problem,

SE x1 keypad LED light problem

SE USB not detected problem solution

SE X1 Not Charging problem solution

SE X1 no netwok problem

SE X1 bluetooth problem

SE X1 speaker problem solution

SE X1 mic problem solution

SE X1 earpiece speaker problem solution

se x1 hardware repair solution

You can see the images and download it. this also include with some step by step instruction to make the repair quick and easy.
All Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 Solution

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Nokia N8 and E73 mode Solutions

A complete solution for Nokia N8 and E73 mode which you can download and help fix and repair N8 and E73 mobile phones.

All Nokia solutions gathered here in one place like, n8 and e73 keypad repair solutions, N8 and e73 Lcd display solution, N8 and e73 not charging solution, n8 and e73 charger not supported solutions, N8 and e73 Lcd and keypad LED backlight solution, e73 and N8 bluetooth repair solutions, e73 and N8 camera failure solution and many more like Nokia  C1 solutions, Nokia C2 solutions, nokia c3 solutions and much more Nokia repair solutions..

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Gsm Solution Free Downloads

here’s another blog I’ve added on my lists for gsm solution searchers on the net,

This blog is new and have a lot repair guides like nokia mobile hardware solution, motorola hardware repair guide, Samsung repair like;

samsung disassemly, samsung speakers repair.

and  a lot more like htc, blackberry, iphone and etc.

here’s an excerpt from the blog, and I will update more here if there a new solution will be post more.

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Guide to hard reset – Samsung I9000 Galaxy S Hard Reset

I have a Samsung I9000 Galaxy S which performs too slowly this days, I have too many application and add-ons being installed on it.  The problem occurs when  I ran the applications  it respond  too slow,  I’ve been wondering on how to solve this problem issue on my mobile phone device.

I’ve search through the internet and looking which I found it here, at free cell phone repair tutorial, on how to hard reset Samsung I9000 Galaxy S Now my Samsung I9000 Galaxy S returned to to its original default state back from where the time I ‘ve purchased it and runs again so smooth and very past.

There are also lots of mobile phone repair guide on there, like Motorola FlipOut Hard ResetHTC Aria Hard Reset ,HTC myTouch 3G Slide Hard ResetVerizon Wireless HTC Imagio Hard Reset ,HTC HD2 Soft Reset and Hard Reset ,HTC EVO 4G hard reset , HTC DROID Incredible Hard Reset ,Motorola BACKFLIP Hard Reset ,HTC Touch 3G T3232 Hard Reset, and lots of hard reset step by step instruction and procedure guides.

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Some Cellphones useful repair hints

Here’s more I want to share.

Digi Mic Knopfler ,Sony ericsson Xperia X10 mini, restart ,Motorola Flashfile Firmwares Download, LG Phones Flashfile Firmwares, 5800 Ringtone Buzzer Speaker , All China Chinese Phones Flashfiles Firmware , 5800 Xpressmusic Charger Not Supported and Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Not Charging Repair , enjoy…

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Free Nokia 5800 XpressMusic hardware repair guide

I have created a simple guides on how to fix nokia 5800 xpressmusic
hardware problem issues. The reason for this is that I have search the web for some hints the other but I ended up into a paid sites which is selling their stuff, lol. I can’t believe those pictures and images is for sale for 25$, which you can also found thus in forums…
Just beware of those moneymakers on the web, selling stuff that is not completely their works, they only edit the images and claimed that they owned it…
As of my discouragement to their purpose I endeavored to create this absolutely free repair guides through out the world.
Some of my latest repair guides added as follows. Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Not charging, Charger not supported, Ringer , Buzzer or IHF Speaker problem issues guides. and also more like the DIGI MIC Knopfler on 5800 Xpressmusic, 6220c,E65 and more..

I will add more and more Absolutely and Truly Free Cellphone Repair Tutorials for everyone.

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